Why ‘self-promotion’ doesn’t work

And what to do instead. One of the biggest things I’ve struggled with in self-publishing is self-promotion. I hate pushing my work on others. I can’t stand the idea of begging people to read my books. I just want to work on stories. I don’t have time for this %$#! — I’d rather be writing! If…

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How to write a product description for your book

Writing sales copy for an Amazon product page, or Facebook or Amazon Ad, can be a huge challenge for many authors. Where to even start? I’m an indie-author and a marketing copywriter, but I still initially found it a challenge to write sales copy for my books. As the writer, you’re sometimes too close to your work…

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Hi, I’m Samantha Burton

I’m a marketing copywriter and an indie author, who has self-published over a dozen novels on Amazon (published under my pseudonym, Jayne Castel). This blog is a way for me to share what I’ve learned — and am still learning — about author book marketing.

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