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I’m a marketing copywriter and an indie author, who has been self-publishing since 2011. I’ve now got over a dozen Historical and Contemporary Romance titles for sale on Amazon (published under my pseudonym, Jayne Castel). In June 2016, my Historical Romance novel, DAWN OF WOLVES, was a Kindle Scout winner and has been published by Kindle Press.

Book Marketing Content

Hook potential readers and boost your book sales.

Struggling to get your book promotion right? A strong product description is crucial to success. It gets your novel noticed on a crowded marketplace like Amazon—just like your cover and book title.

  • Benefit from copy written by an author and copywriter—writing creatively and producing marketing copy are two different skills
  • Save time—learning how to write copy that engages the emotions of potential readers, connecting with them on a gut level, takes up your valuable time
  • Spend a little to gain a lot—investing in the kind of product description that has readers thinking “Wow—gotta read this book,” is worth the minimal outlay



Amazon (or for any marketplace) product description and a back-cover blurb for print edition: NZD60.00*
Amazon Ad copy: NZD20.00*
Facebook Ad copy: NZD20.00*
Novel tagline/hook: NZD20.00*
Author bio: NZD50.00*
Teaser info-graphic for your novel (great for building some pre-release buzz): NZD30.00*

I also offer a consultancy service, which costs NZD60.00*. If you have any questions about the self-publishing process and need some guidance—from formatting to cover design—this may be the service for you.

(Please note these prices are +GST for NZ-based clients. Overseas clients are exempt from GST)